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Campaign against unethical conduct, illegal and all forms of social misconduct

Welcome to the Civil Society for Ethics And Values Development Initiative's blog! We're so excited to share our thoughts and ideas with you on ethics and Value issues in Nigeria and around the world.

See a brighter future and how it shines

We believe that ethics and moral values are something that all people, especially those in leadership roles, should be concerned with. It's one of the most important things to consider when making decisions about your company, whether it's hiring or firing employees, or determining which products should be sold in your store.

At CSEVDI, we aim to do everything we can to promote ethical behavior among our customers, employees, and suppliers. We believe that everyone is deserving of respect and equality, even if they don't have the same skin color or gender identity as you do. We also believe that anyone who wants to work hard can achieve success—whether they're a woman or a man—and we want everyone who enters our doors to know they have the opportunity for a brighter future.


We hope you enjoy reading about how we strive for fairness and justice in every aspect of our community!

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